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    Frequently asked Questions

    Our expert team has hands-on experience starting, funding, and growing their own real estate portfolios, so we understand exactly what you need. Get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

    What is Trivest Finance?

    Trivest Finance is a company that aims to simplify and enhance real estate investing for investors nationwide. We offer flexible hard money financing solutions, allowing clients to close deals quickly and seize new opportunities.

    What products does Trivest Finance offer?

    We offer a wide range of hard money loan products tailored to meet the needs of real estate investors. These include fix and flip loans, rental property loans, bridge loans, and construction loans.

    How quickly can Trivest close deals?

    We understand the importance of speed and precision in investing. Therefore, we strive to provide fast turnaround times and can often close deals within a matter of days, allowing investors to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities.

    How can I apply for a loan with Trivest Finance?

    Applying for a loan with Trivest Finance is easy. Simply fill out our online application to get started. Once submitted, a member of our team will review your application and get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

    What are the eligibility requirements for a loan from Trivest Finance?

    We consider various factors when evaluating loan risk, including the property value, the borrower’s creditworthiness, and the investor’s experience. While we have flexible eligibility criteria, it is recommended to have a solid investment plan and a clear exit strategy.

    Can I use a loan from Trivest Finance for both residential and commercial properties?

    Yes, Trivest Finance provides financing options for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re looking to invest in a single-family home, a multi-unit property, or a commercial building, we have loan products to suit your needs.

    Does Trivest Finance work with first-time investors?

    Absolutely! We welcome first-time investors and are committed to helping all investors at every stage of their real estate journey navigate the real estate market. Our team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the process from start to finish.